At nioform, we give our customers the freedom to design furniture that perfectly fits their needs both functionally and esthetically

We believe good furniture conforms to the consumer, not the other way around.

Unprecedented Customization: from top-shelf materials to exceptional build, our easy to assemble and disassemble furniture will serve you for a lifetime.

Durability and Quality: you can design every piece exactly the way that will serve you best. No compromise required.

Sustainability: we build in the U.S. and source our materials from local eco-conscious suppliers to ensure that the entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

You design. We build.

We fabricate long-lasting furniture using only sustainable materials that our customers feel good about owning

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Where it all started — read our story here

In 2014, while working on a local furniture project, we kept wondering why there aren’t any online tools out there that can help our customers to customize their furniture. It seemed that all around us industries were being redefined by advances in the digital domain. From the way products were made to how people shopped, everything was getting an overhaul, while the furniture industry seemed to have stagnated. Customers had only two options: either search a limited number of options for a piece that is a miraculously perfect match to their needs, or turn to prohibitively expensive custom fabrication.

This state of affairs gave us an idea. What if we can fill that gap ourselves? The answer appeared to be remarkably clear: create and provide an easy online experience to our clients who wish to design furniture pieces to fit their specific size, color, and functional needs. The 3D visualization technology was still maturing at the time, so we worked with industry-leading developers to build a browser-based 3D rendering engine. After years of developing and perfecting the experience, we’ve created a tool that essentially turns our clients into designers.

What began as a small project, born out of passion and curiosity, turned into the brand that is now at the forefront of the furniture industry’s transformation. We call it furniture 2.0.
Budling a brand from the ground up also gave us the invaluable opportunity to rethink the lifecycle of products, beginning with furniture production, and considering how it is purchased and finally used. We saw several opportunities we could not ignore to tackle concerns plaguing the furniture industry. These opportunities became four distinct accomplishments:

  1. We have set up production and manufacturing entirely in the United States in order to minimize the environmental impact of sourcing and transportation.
  2. We built sustainability into the manufacturing process of our products, which includes obtaining wood from sources that are proven certified and using strictly non-toxic finishes.
  3. We finally removed the dreaded pain of furniture assembly. After testing numerous types of connectors, we have devised a way to simply click our furniture pieces into place without any tools.
  4. We make our furniture to last. The innovative connector system allows customers to easily disassemble and reassemble their custom pieces, and in this way saving them from being damaged during moves. And in those rare cases when accidental damage does occur, our customers can easily rehabilitate their beloved piece by ordering the specific part that has been affected, rather than being forced to replace the entire piece.

We are proud of what this brand has grown into and cherish every positive experience our customers have with our products. We consider our brand to be a journey of continuous improvement and innovation that strives to make customizing, acquiring and enjoying the ideal piece of furniture as efficient and as satisfying as it can possibly be.

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